Aristo® FeedMech 4804w is a separate and enclosed feeding unit which includes operational functions for gas purge and wire inching forward and reverse. The feeding unit is powered by the control unit Aristo® FeedControl. The two units are connected by a 2 m cable and hose kit. (Other lengths available on request).


  • Accurate speed control with the aid of a pulse encoder on speeds ranging from 0.8 to 25.0 m/min. 4-roll feed mechanism with grooves in both feed and pressure rolls give stable feeding and low wear of the wire, all of which help to ensure reliable wire feeding
  • Separate solution offers a low weight feed unit with a very high feeding capacity from the excellent twin motor feeding system
  • Mounting bolts with rubber absorber protects the components from the high acceleration and deceleration forces of the robot
  • All electronic components are protected in a separate compartment the control unit Aristo®FeedControl
  • TrueArcVoltage™ system measures the correct arc voltage at the contact tip (together with ESAB robotic torches)


Power Specifications

Enclosure Class IP2x
Power Supply (from robot) 42 VAC 50/60Hz VDC
Standards IEC 60974-5

Robotic Specifications

Drive Mechanism 4WD
Drive Rollers 1.9 in. (48 mm)
Speed Control Pulse encoder
Wire Feed Speed 0.8-25.0 m/min (31.5-1.0 in./min)

Weights & Dimensions

Height 11.3 in. (287 mm)
Length 15 in. (383 mm)
Weight 21.4 lb (9.7 kg)
Width 6.3 in. (161 mm)

Технические х-ки блока подачи проволоки

Длина проволоки в мин. (Aristo FeedMech 4804w) 0.8 — 25.0 m/min
Диаметр проволоки (Aristo FeedMech 4804w) 0.6 — 2.4 mm
Металл (Aristo FeedMech 4804w) unall. solid
Диаметр проволоки (Aristo FeedMech 4804w) 0.6 — 2.4 mm
Металл (Aristo FeedMech 4804w) Stainless Steel
Диаметр проволоки (Aristo FeedMech 4804w) 1.0 — 1.6 mm
Металл (Aristo FeedMech 4804w) Aluminum
Диаметр проволоки (Aristo FeedMech 4804w) 0.8 — 2.4 mm
Металл (Aristo FeedMech 4804w) Cored Wire

Технические характеристики

Подающие ролики 48

Технические характеристики питания

Класс защиты IP 2x


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