Aristo® RoboFeed 3004w is a completely enclosed feeding unit which includes the drive control system and the operational functions for gas purge and wire inching, forward and reverse. The unit is equipped with mounting bolts with rubber absorbers to protect the components from the high acceleration and deceleration forces of the robot.

The digitally controlled feed units perform accurate speed control with the aid of a pulse encoder on speeds ranging from 0.8 to 25.0 m/min*. The 4-roll feed mechanism with grooves in both feed and pressure rolls give stable feeding and low wear of the wire, all of which help to ensure reliable wire feeding. Aristo® RoboFeed 3004w is available with Ø30 mm rollers for wires up to Ø1.6 mm.

*Max wire feed speed is 30.0 m/min for Aristo® RoboFeed when controlled by U82/W82 with sw-version from 0,03N or later.)


  • The Aristo® robot package offers more than 200 pre-programmed synergic lines as well as memory for 255 parameters or schedules
  • Easy to connect/disconnect by using quick connectors for gas, liquid, control signals and welding current
  • TrueArcVoltage™ system for continuous measurement of the arc length
  • All control functions at the front of the feeder or accessible via Aristo® U82 or external control panels
  • CAN-Bus for internal communication between the components
  • Detects anti-collision through the CAN-Bus
  • Forward and reverse wire feed inching
  • Shielding and cleaning gas purge


Power Specifications

Enclosure Class IP23
Standards IEC 60974-5

Weights & Dimensions

Height 235 mm
Length 362 mm
Weight 7.3 kg
Width 246 mm

Wire Specifications

Diameter Wire Type
0.60-1.6 mm Steel
0.60-1.6 mm Stainless Steel
0.8-1.6 mm Cored Wire
1.0-1.6 mm Aluminum

Технические х-ки блока подачи проволоки

Длина проволоки в мин. (Aristo RoboFeed 3004w) 0.8 — 30.0 m/min
Диаметр проволоки (Aristo RoboFeed 3004w) 0.6 — 1.6 mm
Металл (Aristo RoboFeed 3004w) unall. solid
Диаметр проволоки (Aristo RoboFeed 3004w) 0.6. — 1.6 mm
Металл (Aristo RoboFeed 3004w) Stainless Steel
Диаметр проволоки (Aristo RoboFeed 3004w) 1.0 — 1.6 mm
Металл (Aristo RoboFeed 3004w) Aluminum
Диаметр проволоки (Aristo RoboFeed 3004w) 0.8 — 1.6 mm
Металл (Aristo RoboFeed 3004w) Cored Wire

Технические характеристики

Подающие ролики 30

Технические характеристики питания

Класс защиты IP 23


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