Aristo® RT Tool Exchanger offers a complete solution for automatic tool exchange between different welding processes or different types of torch on the robot.

Robot:ABB, KUKA, Motomanor Fanuc
Torch: All Aristo® RT Robotic Torches


  • Robust & precise design for long service life
  • Additional tool adapters can be added to the system
  • Available for other robot brands on demand
  • Directly compatible with robot flange (DIN ISO 9409-1-A40)*
  • Pneumatically lock & unlock the tool
  • Electrical signals for ‘tool attached to robot module’ and ‘tool in storage station’

*Adapter flanges are available for other robot brands

Two integrated independent air supplies for compressed air on tool adapter available on request. Allows the user to attach pneumatic tools without the need for seperate air lines. (Integrated air supply channels for pneumatic tools 2 x M5, 150 l/min. Max 10 bar). Not available as standard. For this option please speak to your ESAB representative.

The tool changer system has the following required interfaces & these are not supplied by ESAB, as there are varying options that the customer can choose, therefore it is needed to be supplied by the system integrator:
Pneumatic: 2 connections for compressed air at the robot wrist. You would typically need a 5/3 way valve, pressure regulator and pneumatic fittings and tubing to connect everything.
Electrical: 1x digital Input for Tool changer / 1x digital input for each storage station / installation material, cables etc.



  • Automotive
  • General Manufacturing
  • Light Fabrication
  • Ship/Barge Building
  • Transportation


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